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Passionate & creative photographer

Geneviève has been passionate about photography since she was a young adult. It started with landscape photography during her many visits to different countries. In 2012 she worked with a specialist to learn more about portraiture, especially for newborns and children. She has photographed over 350 newborn, many babies and numerous families, many of whom come back every year to add to their memories created through her lens. As a mother of two beautiful children, she understands the importance of capturing those precious moments.

Geneviève’s style is about keeping the pose as natural as possible. She also sells her corporate art on several platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and IStock. In addition to personal photography services, Geneviève is also available for your corporate needs. Visit her corporate website for more information.

Digital drawing pad

We cleaned the background of the photograph taken at the lavender fields.


On the picture of the baby, we removed the visible diaper. Isn’t it better?

Retouching Services


We only retouch when necessary

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